introduction of 'Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master' for Japanese


ヒマラヤの師と共にー その⑤ もし瞑想が心を大きくすることができなかったら。 2019.08.22

A feeling of great sympathy flooded my heart. I wanted to go and talk to her, hold her hands, sonsole and comfort her, and find out if I could help her, but I found myself dilemma. I was a free man, and did not want to get entangled with the world. Was it mere sexual attraction posing as compassion? Then I rememberd Babaji’s words, ‘If you can meditate perfectly for thirteen years, for thirteen hours a day, but cannot hear the cry of pain of a living being distress, all your thirteen years of meditation have been wasted. If meditation has not softened your heart, throw it out of the window. It’s of no use’ (Apprenticed to a Himarayan Master p 178)